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What's the Lyric is unlike other '4 Pics' or 'What's the' games. This one has been lovingly hand-crafted to give you a fun, challenging, and often hilarious game of word puzzles. Test your musical forte against comical drawings, each one representing a song title you have to guess!


Epic genre-spanning hand-drawn campaign

Make your own path through dozens of themed categories spread across the world map! There are hours of gameplay to be had, even if your superior brain power lets you breeze right through! Let us know you like the game and we'll be adding more. Lots more.


No annoyances

It's a shame this has to be a "feature." Play our game when you want it, however you want it. No time restrictions, no distractions in your status bar, no bugging your friends to move forward. If you're good at the game, play it all for free! If you want to buy-in and unlock everything up front, you can do that too. Skipping levels is free, so complete each category in whatever order you like! There is also a hint system for when you're stumped on a song.


Easy to learn, easy to use

Every aspect of the game has been carefully designed with you in mind. Entering and deleting song titles happens with an "it just works" attitude. Oh, and *WE* have a backspace button.


Full tablet and screen rotation support

Love your giant 10-inch tablet but hate holding it from the bottom? Flip it on its side and see if that works better for you.




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