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Here at Firecracker, we make mobile tools and helpers. Okay, we let you cheat at Scrabble. BUT, we do occasionally dabble in games. "What's the Flick" is our second art-based puzzler, taking the simplicity and addictive gameplay of the mobile word games before us and raising the bar from the art and user experience perspectives.




Early on, Firecracker was a one-man operation. Jason Stock put together a Scrabble word builder in his spare time as a fun way to introuce himself to Android development, and found great excitement in it. But Word Breaker, as it was called, became a hit. Over the next two years, the company contracted artists and programmers while it built upon this model, producing a number of app helpers and experimental games along the way.


Today, the company is a handful of employees in an unassuming office chasing the game development dream.





Right now, we're speaking through our products. If you have a request for pictures of our handsome, handsome faces, please send a request to the guy who operates the camera.



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