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Record or Import a New Video

To start a new project, tap the Plus button on the lower right of the Home screen.

You can either record a new video or import one from your device. After recording or importing, you will be automatically brought to the Edit screen.

If no videos appear in the list, make sure CoachView has file system permissions.

Video Tools

Upon loading a video, several tools will appear. At the top of the screen are buttons for Record Analysis, Drawing Tools, and Annotation. Inside the drop down menu on the right are more advanced tools such as Compare Videos and Pose Tool. At the bottom of the screen is the video timeline that can be used to move through the video frame-by-frame.

Record an Analysis Video

Analysis videos allow a coach to step through a video using CoachView’s powerful drawing, pose, and annotation tools to explain how an athlete is performing. The coach can then send the video feedback to the student without waiting for the next in-person lesson. Decrease wait time and make every practical session even more impactful!

To create an analysis video, open a video project from the Home screen and click the microphone icon in the top right. If asked, allow Coachview to record your screen and audio. CoachView will record your voice as you annotate and draw on the video. Use the video tools to give clear and meaningful feedback to athletes.

Tap the red square to finish the recording. This will give you the option to save or share your finished video.

Export and Share the video

Videos can also be shared from the Home screen via the drop-down menu on located on each project thumbnail.

You have two options in CoachView to erase drawings. If you scroll the drawing toolbar to the right, you will see UNDO, REDO and ERASE buttons. 'Undo' will remove the most recent drawing, while 'erase' will remove all of the drawings. Use redo if you've removed something that you still need.

The pro version of CoachView unlocks the following features:
1. You can have more than three projects active at a time.
2. You can use the Compare Video feature to compare videos side-by-side.

Yes, but you must be signed into the same Apple App Store or Google Play account that you originally used to purchase CoachView. Please keep in mind, purchases do not transfer between iOS and Android devices.

Files can be organized in many ways.
1. Create a folder per athlete or sport, then record and save videos inside that folder.
2. Set tags via the drop-down menu. Select which tags apply, or create a new tag. Sort by tags using the Tag icon on the upper right on the Home screen.

The search icon searches by video name.

Go to your system settings. Select Apps, then CoachVeiw. Permissions should be under the Notifications heading.

Here is an overview of the tools available to you through CoachVeiw.

Frame by frame

Step through a video frame-by-frame by dragging the timeline below the video.


Annotations are text notes on top of your videos. Use them to “bookmark” important actions in the video and quickly jump back to them when analyzing the video. For example, you can set an annotation at the front foot strike in pitching or the frame where a batter makes contact with a baseball.

Record an Analysis Video

Learn in detail how to make and use analysis videosin our Quick Start guide.

Draw Tool

Use various drawing tools to bring attention to details in the video, such as marking a foot placement. There are free-form drawing tools that allow any form of drawing, but also straight-line tools and circles. Change the line color for extra clarity against any backdrop.

Angle Tool

Use the angle tool to get the exact angles of limbs and movements. Tap and drag lines to match the positions you wish to measure.

Timer Tool

The timer will get the speed of an action within a video, simply drag the timer into the video where you want it to start.

Erase Tool

There are both undo and redo buttons, as well as an eraser to immediately clear the whole screen.

Pose Tool

The pose tool is especially powerful, as it allows the user to toggle an AI estimation of the video subject’s bone structure. Use it to simplify body movement and help athletes see and understand their motion. This tool helps exaggerate the angles of the hips and spine, and even the twist of the torso, making movement easier to communicate.

Poses will overlay your video when it is paused. Use the scrubber to move between poses.

Compare Videos

This premium feature allows precise assessments by comparing two videos side by side. Compare an athlete's current form with previous videos or professional demonstrations.

Keep your analysis focused with the lock feature. Synchronize two videos as you step through them. This will show the differences in timing and motion between the videos. Whether you're fine-tuning a golf swing, perfecting a dance routine, or refining a pitching technique, Compare Videos provides the insights you need to drive improvement.